STEAM activities in open spaces should encourage natural play where children are making sense of the world around them, developing an understanding of how things change over time, observing a variety of different structures (natural and manmade), patterns and behaviours. For example observing how the slide in the local park is made, looking at what it is made of (rough or smooth materials etc.), how high and steep it is (slope and incline) or splashing in muddy puddles, exploring light reflection, dispersion of light (rainbows over the puddle on a sunny day), how mud forms a suspension in the water and how the materials in their boots keep them dry. This is why the school developed a construction area for the Junior part of the school in the summer of 2022.

When children are engaged with STEAM concepts through exploratory play in nature, the learning promotes children to use a diverse viewpoint (scientific, artistic) that prods different perspectives and encourages children to view the world with fresh eyes. With a sense of curiosity and wonder the simplest of ideas enriched with creative methodologies provide the context for a child-centred and holistic learning experience.

We are in Glantane N.S. thoroughly enjoy using S.T.E.A.M.  as a method of accessing the curriculum for the children in a fun hands-on environment. It can be uniquely tailored to the various needs of the individual learner and from our experience makes learning fun and effortless.  It also offers opportunities for Buddy teaching where older children mentor younger children in these activities, but both parties benefit hugely from this shared learning experience.