Digital Learning

In Glantane N.S. we promote digital citizenship amongst all our children. This entails providing school monitored emails and Google Workspace for Education accounts for all children and staff. The children are educated in how to use digital tools such as Google Docs/ Google Slides/ Google Classroom, for educational purposes. This benefits the children as they continue their education in secondary school. 

Interactive Boards 

All classrooms are equipped with brand new interactive screens. 


The children have supervised access to a set of 20 Chromebooks which are used in a wide variety of ways to allow the children to access information and provide them a platform to showcase their work


Our set of 16 ipads are used so that the children have a broad access to digital educational tools. 

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a tool used in Glantane NS to allow our children access information and classwork at home where possible. 


Many other forms of technology are used when needed to assist in the education of our children e.g. sound field system, visualisers etc. 


Fibre network WIFI is set up throughout the school