Junior Entrepreneur

The Junior Entrepreneur Programme is an exciting and innovative programme that we are delighted as a school  to have been involved in. 

The children get to understand how the value of goods and services is created and how skill, talent and creativity can create more than the sum of their parts in an entrepreneurial enterprise. They gain an understanding of what happens in the day-to-day life of an entrepreneur.

The children are challenged to create a new product, present it to a board  and win the right to mass produce it and sell it to the students in their school.This is done in a Dragon’s Den Style Showcase where each group has a certain amount of time to convince the board to pick their idea. Once an idea has been chosen, the children invest money in that product to buy any material with a view to getting it back with a profit, this helps them to understand the real impact of risk and reward. When they’re investing their own money, they want to make sure they get it back.

The programme takes a few months to complete, from initial ideas, researching what products the students would like, creating the new product, budgeting and finally a Showcase Day where their product goes on sale and the rest of the school can see the hard work that has been put in.

5th class Junior Entrepreneur 2022

Our School has participated in The Junior Entrepreneur Programme on two occasions; in 2017/18 with 5th Class and 2021/22 also with 5th Class. They were both exceptionally successful and both classes enjoyed extra school trips and class parties. We look forward to participating more in the coming years.